Dyfed Chimney Sweep provides professional & reliable chimney sweeping across Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire & Ceredigion offering an exceptionally high level of service. We are HETAS registered & fully insured.


It is always best to book early in the year - we are usually booked 8-10 weeks ahead from August onwards.


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The routine sweep carried out for our existing customers and for relatively new & correctly installed appliances that are not experiencing any issues.

The chimney is cleaned & a camera is used in the flue (this ONLY allows us to ensure the debris is removed). The appliance is checked over and we will advise if we need to carry out any maintenance.

Cooker stoves i.e Rayburns, flues with multiple access points or unlined stoves may cost slightly more for the routine sweep.


We give £5 discount per flue if there is more than one to be swept at the same property.



This service is carried out for new customers, especially new homeowners or those who are looking to use an appliance/fireplace that has not been used before.

The chimney is cleaned. A thorough chimney camera inspection is carried out. Video & photographic evidence recorded if any issues are found. The appliance is thoroughly checked for any defects or maintenance work required. The entire installation is checked to see if it meets with current building regulations & a report provided. Investigation at this level does not include any destructive investigation or roof access.


We always check the appliance over as part of a basic chimney sweep (see top of price list) & will advise if it needs any additional service work. We can source spare parts & can replace most rope seals & fire bricks immediately. Prices depend on the sizes required.

Other parts (glass, most metal parts & some special bricks) we can either supply or provide you with details so that you can order them. If required, we can arrange to fit these parts at another date. (Subsequent visits to fit parts start at £50 ex. materials).

£90 - £160


A common cause of blockage in a flue, bird nests in chimneys are usually made by Jackdaws. Their nests can be extensive filling between 2 & 5 rubbish sacks! We use various rod attachments to remove the nest. The chimney camera is then used to ensure that all the material has been removed - this is essential as it can be a fire risk if any is left in the chimney. Jackdaws are territorial & reliably rebuild nests the following year so we always recommend fitting a suitable bird guard (which we can arrange for you).

NOTE: Jackdaws are actively using their nests between the March and September and it is illegal to disturb them during this time.


Following the above Level 1 inspection there may be additional concerns.

For example it may be necessary to remove part of the installation* in order to investigate an otherwise inaccessible area, or in the case of water ingress issues it may be necessary to access the roof to inspect the chimney stack. For some atypical installations I may need to conduct additional research in order to provide a comprehensive report.

*making good of any destructive investigation at additional cost, to be discussed prior.


The level 3 inspection covers most concerns.

The chimney is swept & inspected & any destructive investigation* can be carried out. The chimney stack is accessed & a full pressure smoke test carried out (if you are a party wall you will need to arrange consent & access with your neighbours - this will be an additional £50). The chimney stack is inspected & you will receive a separate report on its condition, as well as a report on the internal condition of the chimney flue & the installation.

*making good of any destructive investigation at additional cost, to be discussed prior.




We always recommend fitting a carbon monoxide alarm & can advise on the best positioning. It is always best to have them fitted permanently in position. We will supply & fit a carbon monoxide alarm if you request,. Our alarms comply to BSEN: 50291:2001 & have a sealed battery. The unit lasts 7 years & has a 7 year manufacturer warranty.


“Really appreciated the patience and professionalism of Emily as she took on the challenge of our 4 log burners. We will certainly be regular customers.”

— Rob & Sarah, Carmarthen